How to Improve Your Angular
App Development with Nx

November 12th, 2021

Zack Deroes

Zack DeRose

Senior Engineer (Level 4) | Nrwl

In this workshop, we’ll be building a store for a fictional board game company called “The Board Game Hoard” using Nx and some of its plugins to accelerate the development of this app.

In this talk you’ll learn how to:

  1. ​ Generate a pristine Nx workspace
  2. Create shared libs for re-using code
  3. Generate new routed components with all the lazily loaded routes pre-configured by Nx and ready to go
  4. Organize code in a monorepo
  5. Easily move libs around your folder structure
  6. Create Storybook stories and e2e Cypress tests for your components
  7. Set up boundaries between the different scopes in your project
  8. Write automated source code generators for common tasks in your workspace
  9. Set up CI for your Pull Requests
  10. Add distributed caching
  11. Set up the NxCloud GitHub integration
  12. Write advanced deployment targets using the run-commands executor
  13. Set up Continuous Deployment systems that deploy only the affected projects
  14. And more!

We’ll focus all of these lessons around building “real-world” type projects, to help you really be able to understand the material.

Because of the time constraints and to make sure we get to cover as much material as possible, we’ll also provide you with all the code for any “non-Nx” work you need to do (like styling and configuring routes) – so you can focus on learning to use Nx to its full potential.