Impactful Team Enablement
with Storybook and GraphQL

November 12th, 2021

Ben Hofferber

ben Hofferber

Solutions Architect | Rangle

Are your teams able to quickly make changes to deliver high quality user experiences? If instead they’re getting stuck defining and versioning components, or waiting on data or new server setups instead of moving forward with new releases, this workshop will help you unblock their path.

New tooling has enabled us to move at faster speeds to deliver the experiences our customers demand. Using Storybook we can build a living source of documentation and prototyping. Empowered by GraphQL, you’ll have more velocity to make changes and enable your team.

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to build quickly using customized schemas from GraphQL, and get the best of Storybook by using it to enhance cross-functional collaboration in the delivery process. Automating tasks, we’ll put the fun back into your development process and enable anyone on your team to level up their capabilities.