Designing Reactive Angular Components (RxJS)

December 2nd, 2021



Consultant | Pluralsight

Collecting and processing the data needed for a user-friendly display can be challenging. This is especially true when retrieving data from multiple sources, when data collection depends on user actions, and when information must be communicated across loosely coupled components.
As an example, for one component, data for the customer comes from one end point, data for the products comes from another end point and must react to user selected filters. Selected products must appear in a second component. A third component displays subtotals, shipping fees, and calculated taxes and must be immediately notified of any changes to the selected products or their quantities.
In this talk, you’ll learn:
  1. Techniques for designing Angular components and services
  2. How to leverage RxJS to retrieve and combine data for display
  3. How to leverage RxJs to react to user actions and state changes
  4. How to leverage RxJs emit notifications to any other components or services
We’ll also examine the concept of “Degrees of Freedom” and how it can help us think through our design and confirm the correctness of our design model.
After attending this talk, you will have the techniques and considerations you need to design quality Angular components and services that leverage RxJS. And by analyzing “Degrees of Freedom”, you’ll have confidence that your design establishes appropriate relationships between the data, keeping that data in sync across components and services.