Advanced RxJS

November 15th, 2021


Brian Love


 Angular only has a few dependencies, and RxJS is one of them. Angular relies on the Observable primitive for asynchronous fetching and events. This requires Angular developers to learn and understand the Observable primitive. While an Angular developer can stop there, you can choose to build reactive Angular application using RxJS, which include more than just the Observable. In this workshop, we’ll dive into Subject and its variants, multicasted Observables, and the operators for multicasting, error handling, creating custom operators and testing custom operators. If you have used Subject, or potentially BehaviorSubject, this workshop is still for you – we’ll learn about the other popular extensions to Subject, such as the WebSocketSubject that provides incredible opportunities for building reactive Angular applications.

Along the journey, we’ll be learning and using some operators that you may have never heard of or used before, such as:

retry() and retryWhen()
window() and windowTime()
... and many more!

This workshop is hands-on — and we mean it — with 20 hands-on exercises and solutions. The workshop will accelerate your knowledge of RxJS more than any other workshop or online course available. Plus, there is no setup. Grab your coffee (or other non-caffeinated beverage), your laptop, and get ready to finally learn RxJS. Heck, bring your whole team! This is the workshop of ng-conf 2021 that you will not want to miss.

Prerequisites: JavaScript, and RxJS Fundamentals