Accelerated Development with NgRx

November 15th, 2021


Mike Ryan

Principal Architect at LiveLoveApp, Co-founder of NgRx


Lukas Ruebbelke

Principal Engineer at Venmo

Most developers think of NgRx as a set of tools that exists solely to manage state within an Angular application. Though NgRx effectively and elegantly addresses the challenges of managing application state, there is a significantly more valuable narrative arc that most people fail to realize. 

The greatest challenge that developers face is managing the tension between coupling and cohesion. This tension is where application complexity lives! NgRx gives us tools to express our domain in deceptively simple conventions. We can reorient ourselves from a vertically oriented approach to a much faster horizontal approach by leveraging convention-centric tooling. 

In this workshop, Mike Ryan and Lukas Ruebbelke will demonstrate how to start thinking about application development from a domain-centric perspective and leverage Nx tooling to generate the conventional parts of the application in a fraction of the time. So purchase your ticket, and let’s build an application together. Fast!


This intermediate workshop is designed for developers who already understand Angular and have a basic understanding of unidirectional data flow and state management. Basic knowledge of RxJS is also helpful. If you understand component-driven architecture, you should have no problem keeping up with the rest of the class. 

On the day of the workshop, please make sure you have the following tooling installed.

  • Node and NPM
  • The Angular CLI
  • The Nx CLI