Using Kendo UI to make your Angular App Shine

December 3rd, 2021



Sr. Developer Advocate | Progress

Annoyed with CSS? Wish you could have more fun styling without worrying about cross-application UX inconsistencies?

Kendo UI is a component library that will give you the ability to implement styling throughout your application, while easily maintaining consistency. Once you become familiar with implementing Kendo UI Components into your application, the front of the front-end will become a whole lot easier, and a lot more fun too!

In this talk, you’ll learn:

  1. How to maintain consistent styles across components and elements
  2. How to produce coherent and consistent user experience throughout Angular application
  3. How to achieve styles with out having to use scary styling language (CSS)

I will introduce Kendo UI, demonstrate how to implement it into your existing Angular application, and show how easy it can be to customize so the styles match your brand!