Rapidly Scaffold a Cryptocurrency Angular App

November 12th, 2021

Andrea Silveira

Andrea Silveira

Director, User Experience at Infragistics

Petko B

Petko Bozhinov

Software Engineer at Infragistics

Have you ever wondered how to kickstart you app development by implementing a design with ease and a full, pixel-perfect Angular code in just a single click? In this workshop, we will start from zero and we will finish with a full-blown Angular application that consumes data from an API. For that purpose we will use Indigo.Design design-to-code platform. By using it we will leverage from a complete design-to-code system integrating prototyping, design systems, user testing and code generation.

You’ll learn:

  • What is a low-code design platform.
  • How to implement apps, fast, by using a cloud-based low code tool (App Builder).
  • How to configure app structure, routes, views and components with App Builder toolbox reusable components (Ignite UI for Angular)
  • How to publish the generated repository and app code from App Builder to GitHub
  • How to continue further development and polishing work outside of the App Builder


  • Node.js LTS
  • Visual Studio Code