NoSQL Data Modeling for Front-end Developers

December 2nd, 2021


Stanimira Vlaeva

Developer Advocate | MongoDB

NoSQL databases make it easy to store objects as-is because of their flexible schemas. However, with this flexibility can come a lack of coordination between front-end and back-end developers. This results in delayed production times and decreased performance due to suboptimal API design.
In this talk, you’ll learn:
  1. How to apply data modeling techniques based on our application requirements using NoSQL databases.
  2. How to take advantage of NoSQL flexible schemas while still incorporating the fundamental principles of schema design.
  3. Avoid common NoSQL pitfalls
Who is this for?
  • Front-end Developers
  • Junior Fullstack Developers
  • Back-end Developers
Join us for a session that will increase your understanding of application flow,  improve your software development process, and lower your risk of decreased application performance.