Micro-Frontends with Module Federation: Beyond the Basics

December 3rd, 2021


Manfred Steyer

Trainer, Consultant, Programming Architect

In recent months, there has been much discussion about the emergence of Module Federation and it’s integration with Micro-Frontends. Dubbed “ the missing-link,” Module Federation is a powerful tool. However, with the general lack of in-depth knowledge resources available for such a new tool, it becomes difficult to make confident decisions when there are still so many unknowns. This will result in decreased maintainability in the mid-long term as once these decisions are made, they are very difficult to change.

In this talk, you’ll learn:

  1. How to deal with version mismatches.
  2. ​How to load remotes dynamically when you do not know them or even their number upfront.
  3. ​How to use Module Federation in a monorepo.
  4. ​How to use Module Federation together with Web Components for multi-version and/or multi-framework scenarios

I will show you the best practices for Module Federation deployment, and point out the positive and negative consequences of possible options. You’ll know how to handle the tricky parts of Module Federation based Micro-Frontend architecture with Angular.